On-site Support for Nurock Mixer


You will be fully trained to operate and maintain your mixer.

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Under our one-year warranty, just call us and we will take care of it!

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Spare Parts

As manufacturers, we hold large stocks and can deliver within 24 hrs.

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Concrete Technology

Nurock can provide support for all your concrete technology needs.

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Learn how to use your mixer

Through comprehensive training we ensure your business is best placed to be successful.

With each mixer sale we offer up to 4 days of on-site training.

You will learn how to operate, service and maintain your new investment. You will also benefit from our operational knowledge as concrete producers.

If you need further help or a new operator trained, call us anytime.

We can help you with any aspect of your mixer use.

Your training days can be delivered to suit your schedule.

We can provide in-house training at our premises on concrete technology, mixer service and maintenance if needed.

Then typically once you take delivery of your mixer we will cover activities of service, maintenance, commissioning, calibration and operation during on-site training.

The training is supported by training material and detailed user and maintenance manuals.

A certificate to confirm those trained for proper use is also issued at this point.



To support your investment we offer a one-year warranty. If any problems arise just call us and we will take care of it.

Our team are highly trained and as the people who built your mixer, this gives them an unrivalled understanding of your machine.

We understand the importance of providing a first class after sales service, and are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of customer care available anywhere.

Spare Parts

Because we manufacture our mixers we hold high levels of parts in stock, and as we are UK based many of the parts we use are easily sourced. We aim to deliver parts within 24 hours.

Concrete Technology

Nurock’s Concrete Technologist is here to support your concrete needs and offers the following services:

Material Evaluation
– Cements
– Recycled
– Aggregate
– Sands
– Admixtures

Mix Optimisation

Specification Clauses

Production Problems

Energy Audits

Staff Training

Complaint Investigation
– Strength Issues
– Short Measures
– Cement Content

Quality Control
– Quality Manuals
– Cusum Strength Monitoring and Laboratory Equipment
– Auditing

Equipment Advice