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History of Nurock Mixers

Nurock Concrete Mixers have been designed and manufactured in Liverpool for many years. From 1987-2007, the founders of the Nurock Mixer used the product in their own Concrete delivery business around Merseyside.

In 2007 the business focused on manufacturing the award winning Nurock Mixer. It is designed, built and sold in Great Britain with exports to Europe, North Africa and Russia.

The production of the mixers is low-volume, and the majority are specially configured to the customers unique requests and requirements. Nurock Mixers have been sold to private concrete and construction companies, as well as the British Army and the Rail Industry.

Nurock Mixers are now available in capacities ranging from 1.5-16 cubic meters, and in a number of mounted versions.

2015 Mar 20 | Nurock Mixers exhibited at the UK Concrete Show 2015

Nurock Mixers exhibited at the UK Concrete Show at the NEC Birmingham on the 25th and 26th of February 2015.

The show was a success with lots of interest in our products, we would like to thank all who visited the stand.conshow.15conshow.1

2014 Dec 17 | Nurock ALGERIA supply Oil & Gas Service Company with mixer for Sahara Projects

An Algerian Oil and Gas Service company has picked a static Nurock Mixers Cubic3-7 Series 7.6m3 Volumetric Mixer to provide its concrete requirements. The company support Oil and Gas companies throughout Algeria with Drilling, Civil Engineering and Transport Services. Nurock provided the mixer and on-site commissioning and training for the company in-county. The Nurock Mixer is planed to be used on pipeline projects in the Sahara including on the borders of Libya and Niger where the remote location and conditions make concrete supply problematic.


2014 Dec 11 | Nurock Mixers exhibit at BAUMA China 2014

Nurock Mixers exhibited at BAUMA China as part of the British Pavilion.

There was much interest in Nurock products and in volumetric mixers in general from attendees from many country’s including China, Australia, India and other parts of Asia.

Mix2Match are a family business and have been delivering concrete and screed with volumetric mixers for over 10 years.

2014 Aug 11 | Nurock mixers in International Construction July-August 2014

International construction 2014

2014 Jul 11 | BestMix Nottingham add 2nd Nurock to their business

BestMix Concrete and Screed of Nottingham add 2nd Nurock to their business

Nurock Volumetric Mixer Cubic³ - 4 Series photo 4
BestMix Concrete and Screed in Nottingham have added a 2nd Nurock Mixer to their business, after buying their first in 2010. The new Cubic3-4 Series 4m3 mixer has allowed the company to grow with less investment than that needed for a 9m3 unit and allows a mixer that can deliver a good payload with additional benifits of great access thats ideal for smaller jobs.




2014 Jun 11 | Nurock Mixers exhibited at Hillhead Exhibition, June 2014

Nurock Mixers exhibited at Hillhead Exhibition, Hillhead Quarry, Buxton in June 2014 the show was a great success with much interest in the new Cubic3 Range of Volumetric Mixers.

2014 Jun 11 | Exact Concrete take delivery of a Nurock Mixers Cubic3-9 Series Volumetric mixer

Exact Concrete Ltd take delivery of a Nurock Mixers Cubic3-9 Series volumetric mixer mounted to a Renault K Series.

The company where pleased to have taken delivery of their brand new truck from Nurock Mixers. The mixer was shown on Nurock Mixers stand at the Hillhead Exhibition 2014.

The company operates a mixed fleet of 8 volumetrics and have been in the volumetric concrete industry for over 10 years.

2014 Apr 29 | Coppards Plant Hire and Concrete of East Sussex have purchased a new Cubic³-9 Series


Coppards Plant Hire and Concrete of East Sussex have purchased a new Cubic³-9 Series volumetric concrete mixer from Nurock Mixers to add to their fleet of 8 other concrete units. The mixer has a 9.2m3 capacity and is mounted to an 8×4 Volvo chassis.

Started in 1972 Coppard today is a well-respected company in the industry and employs 49 staff based at three locations.

The key to their success has been their unyielding commitment to quality of service and the specialisation of their plant. Equally servicing private individuals, small builders, landscapers as well as the large multi nationals.

2014 Mar 11 | Nurock Mixers exhibited at Conexpo 2014, Las Vegas, USA

Nurock Mixers exhibited at Conexpo 2014, Las Vegas, USA

The show was very busy with lots of interest in Nurock Mixers stand as part of the British Pavilion.






2014 Feb 28 | Nurock Mixers exhibited at the UK Concrete Show

Nurock Mixers exhibited at the UK Concrete Show at the NEC Birmingham on the 27th and 28th of February 2014.

The show was a success with a record 6156 attendees, we would like to thank all who visited the stand and look forward to seeing you again next year.





2013 Sept 21 | Nurock Mixers exhibited at BAUMA AFRICA

Nurock Mixers exhibited at BAUMA AFRICA from 18th- 21st of September 2013.

The show was the first BAUMA in Africa and was a big success with 750 exhibitors from 39 country’s, there was lots of interest in Nurock Mixers stand and in our mixers a number of which are already in operation in Africa.









2013 March 01 | Thorncliffe Building Suppliers Ltd opt for a Cubic3-1 Series for Precast Concrete Production

Thorncliffe Building Supplies Ltd is one of the largest independent builder’s merchant in North Wales and the North West of England. Since 1987, they have been proud to deliver outstanding customer care, an extensive range of high quality building supplies and plant hire, and a reliable waste management and skip hire service. They have recently added a Precast Concrete business to their offering and are producing concrete fencing with the addition of a Cubic3-1 Series Nurock Mixer, the unit was uprated to hold 2.5m3 of material, the products are then sold via the merchant business.











2012 Dec 25 | Nurock Mixers FRANCE supply Mobile Mix Beton of Lyon with a Nurock NUVM1.5 Compact Mixer.

mobile mix



mobile mix2

Nurock Mixers France supply Mobile Mix Beton of Lyon with a Nurock NUVM1.5 Compact Mixer.

The Nurock NUVM1.5 is mounted on a MAN truck and has a self loading capability utilising a crane, Mobile Mix Beton opted to have the mixers capacity increased to 2.25m3.

Mobile Mix Beton has been delivering small loads of concrete in the Lyon area to the domestic customer and commercially for those with a concrete requirement in a remote location, night works or where intermittent demand is needed.

This compact mixing unit has also proved popular where access has been a problem for larger concrete mixers.

2012 Dec 01 | Nurock Mixers YouTube Channel is Launched

Please follow link to see video footage of Nurock Mixers equipment working, new footage will be updated on a regular basis

2012 Oct 24 | Royal engineers mix it up


The British Army’s Royal Engineers have been successfully “mixing it up” with 10 Truck Mounted Nurock Volumetric concrete mixers.

The British Army’s Royal Engineers have been successfully “mixing it up” with 10 Truck Mounted Nurock Volumetric concrete mixers that have been in active service since 2011. The mixers were introduced by ALC, an Amey and Babcock joint venture, the Service Provider for the innovative MOD C Vehicle PFI worth £600 million over 15 years.

ALC provide and maintain a worldwide fleet of construction vehicles, plant and field mechanical handling equipment to the British Armed Forces. A full range of support services are also provided including spares support, a technical documentation service and provision of training for operators and maintainers.

The original requirement for mixers was to provide an Air Field Damage Repair (ADR) capability. The planned scope of operation was widened, as the potential for the equipment was realised, to include general concreting duties by the Royal Engineers. A fleet of 10 systems based on an Iveco 6×6 Trakker chassis, already in service with ALC, were fielded during 2011.

ALC said “the mixers have been well received by the MOD and up to date usage has exceeded expectations as the units discover the potential of this new capability.”


Over the past year in service the mixers have operated in a number of locations across Europe and Africa and can be deployed anywhere in the world in support of operations.

The largest project so far undertaken has been in Kenya where concrete has been mixed for use in the construction of a training facility. The Royal Engineers have quarried their own aggregate crushing, screening and washing the granite like material to meet the specification required. The quality of the concrete against specification is monitored and approved by the Engineers.

New capability

Previously the British Army had some batch on site equipment for the ADR role, the equipment was made up of 3 trailer systems and was role specific. For general concrete demands the Royal Engineers used a traditional concrete mixer which relied heavily on manual labour and had limited output.

With addition of the Nurock Mixers to the fleet, the Royal Engineers have a number of new capabilities for the continuous mixing of onsite batched concrete. This has enabled them to take on a wider variety and scale of concrete projects and deliver these efficiently. More importantly they utilise their own resources without the need to rely on local contractors that, depending on location, may not be able to deliver what is required.


Nurock’s technical representatives have presented directly to the Royal Engineers tackling the topics of best practice, assisting with the challenges they are facing on the ground and other possible uses for the equipment which will be in service for at least the next 10 years.

Other applications of the Nurock machine can be for soil stabilisation, screeds, mortars, foamed concretes and other specialist mixes in addition to the full range of standard concretes. The Engineers are reviewing a number of other key military applications for the mixers.


Following an extensive training development programme, supported by Nurock, training is being delivered to all users and training demands are high. The Royal Engineers Plant Operator Maintainers are trained in the operation of a wide variety of construction equipment and, sometimes at very short notice, may have to operate equipment that they may not have used for some time. Thus the initial and steady state training has to be sufficient to enable the user and maintainer to operate and support the equipment.

These activities are supported by publications called the Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs) which are written in enough detail so that the user can operate and maintain the equipment independently, sometimes in very remote locations. Behind all this ALC operate a 24 hour 365 days per year help desk that supports the soldiers on the ground with all the technical expertise required and this is assisted by Nurock and Iveco as required. ALC also provides its services directly from its regional pools in the UK, Germany and Cyprus and its Capability Service Centre at Bicester.


The MOD in supporting this equipment globally requires parts support that can ensure that the repair task is completed with the minimum of down time. The parts contract is delivered through ALC’s subcontractor TVS Defence, from their “behind the wire” 24 hour parts facility. TVS stock and supply parts as demanded for the Nurock equipment and deliver in time sales as tight as 2 hours when deemed an emergency. Nurock work closely with TVS and ALC to ensure that the right parts are stock and available to the end user and provide technical support as is required.

Future plans

The Royal Engineers are now looking at other potential construction requirements and know that they have the equipment, knowledge and capability to deliver large scale concrete requirements to support those projects as the demands arise. This core piece of equipment will remain in service for the next 10 years and the knowledge and experience of the soldiers using the equipment now form part of the British Army’s civil engineering capability.


2012 Sep 11 | Gloucester based Monster Mix Concrete and Screed opt for a NUROCK MIXERS NUVM9m3 mixer

Gloucester based “Monster Mix Concrete” and Screed opt for a NUROCK MIXERS 9m3 mixer






2012 Aug 25 | Rail-mounted Nurock volumetric mixer

Rail-Mounted Nurock

2012 Aug 05 | On the right track with Balfour Beatty Rail

balfour beatty

Nurock Mixers have developed a “High Output Concrete Train” (H.O.C.T.) to support electrification projects and general concrete demand within rail infrastructure.

The H.O.C.T. is based on two Nurock NUVM7 Mobile Concrete Batching plants, the company’s highly successful 7m3 truck mounted unit of which 10 are currently in service with the British Army in several countries, successfully meeting the Army’s concrete requirements.

The Nurock unit carries all the ingredients (sand, aggregates, cement, water etc.) unmixed in separate compartments. It then proportions these according to the mix design and mixes the quantity required in a continuous mixer. The mixer can be stopped and started as needed via a handheld remote control. With no waste or loss of quality in transit, the whole process is computer monitored for quality and accountability. The mixers come into their own in remote locations or where intermittent demand is needed. The Rail Industry has both these issues to deal with, making the Nurock H.O.C.T. the perfect solution.

Only the required amount of concrete is mixed, whereas with traditional methods “over” and “under” ordering can be a major issue. Waste is minimised and the need for top up deliveries is eliminated.

Graham Jones, Managing Director of Nurock Mixers, said “Delivering this project with Balfour Beatty Rail has been both challenging and exciting, the Nurock H.O.C.T brings many benefits to the Rail industry and is an environmentally friendly alternative to Ready Mixed Concrete and traditional methods.”

The H.O.C.T. was commissioned by Balfour Beatty Rail following successful award of Phase 1 of the North West Electrification Project from Liverpool to Manchester. The concept was presented to the customer (Network Rail) during the tender stage of the bid.

The North West electrification project will see 25kv overhead power delivered to the routes between Liverpool and Manchester, Huyton to Wigan, Preston to Blackpool and Manchester to Preston via Bolton. The work complements the lines that are already electrified in the region – notably the key freight route of the West Coast Main Line, the busiest mixed use railway in Europe.

The H.O.C.T. is stabled in Liverpool and places concrete 5/6 nights per week and supports a team of 20 involved in the excavating and concreting of formwork located along the side of the rail track. These foundations will support the steel structures for the overhead lines.

The H.O.C.T. can deliver up to 16.5m3 of the desired mix design in minutes with no waste; the units have two independent diesel engines to reduce any critical downtime. All mixes are monitored by two Nurock Mixer’s computers which can prescribe up to 50 mix designs and monitor all ingredients of the mix. The mixer units contain use a unique patented system which allows them to batch concrete at cement contents from 50 – 500 kgs per cu.M. in precise increments whilst maintaining a constant “output per hour”.

The mixers have been mounted on an ISO container base system, two outer bases holding the independent proportioning units and the central base housing the continuous mixers. These deliver the concrete into a central rotating turret onto which removable delivery chutes can be attached. This allows ingredients from either unit to be mixed as required. The rotating turret’s delivery chutes can place concrete on either side of the track as needed

Considerable redesign of Nurock’s standard NUVM7 unit was required to allow the unit to comply with the rail gauge (tunnel height) requirements but still meet the delivery capacity to make the project a success.

Rail requirements also demanded that the mixer structure was reinforced to meet the stringent safety regulations demanded by the Rail industry and involved close working partnerships between Nurock, Balfour Beatty Rail, the customer (Network Rail) and the Rail Regulator (ORR).

Commenting on the partnership, Balfour Beatty Rail’s Engineering and Development Manager, Geoff Brown said ‘It has been a pleasure to work with Nurock in developing this new product for the UK rail industry. The adoption of a pair of volumetric mixers onto a railway wagon is a first in the UK and has not been without its difficulties.”

‘UK rail has one of the tightest structure clearances in Europe resulting in redesign of hopper size and capacity. Approval processes to use new products on the network are laboriously long and in addition operations can only happen once trains have stopped running which means at night and at weekends.

‘However, we are pleased to say that together we overcame all of these difficulties and now have a product that not only improves productivity, quality and cost efficiencies but also provides a sustainable solution to traditional methods.’

The traditional method of delivering concrete for Rail infrastructure has been to deliver ready-mix to an access point and cart the concrete up or down track where it is removed and placed by mechanical means. This can cause issues if the quantities are wrong or if there are delays on track as well as segregation and settlement during transporting. The cost and environmental impact of returning unused ready-mix is also considerable.

Key to making the project a success was training and Nurock provided a comprehensive training package to Balfour Beatty Rail to support the transition from concrete procurement to producer.

The package began with training on concrete for all operational staff, followed by practical on-site instruction with a total of more than 20 staff being trained. It was key that all involved had a clear understanding of concrete and the specification that had to be met.

Nurock has provided a written Quality Assurance System that requires 12 cubes per shift to be tested. The operators, upon loading, use a moisture probe to establish sand moisture and the correct mix design is then selected so the PLC can take account of the moisture. The correct amount of water is then added to ensure that the specified “water cement ratio” is maintained and thus standards met.

Data is then fed back to Nurock Mixers concrete technologist to assess the results and consider any mix design changes.

Further Operator and Maintainer training has also been provided by Nurock’s Network Rail accredited staff to Balfour Beatty Rail’s employees covering theoretical and practical modules and on site monitoring to ensure all staff are trained and fully supported.

Nurock are looking forward to supporting Balfour Beatty Rail during the Electrification programme and are proud to be working within the Rail industry on such a major infrastructure project.


Background information on Rail Electrification.

The Northwest Electrification programme is part of a £9.4bn package of rail infrastructure work for 2014-19 in what is being called the biggest investment in rail since Victorian times

The plan for this investment has been termed High Level Output Specification (or HLOS)

2011 Jul 25 | Nurock crowned Merseyside innovation winner 2011

innovation award 2011

Knowsley-based Nurock, which has developed an innovative hydraulic concrete mixing system, has been crowned the winner of this year’s Merseyside Innovation Awards, beating fellow finalists Weir and Carmichael, Human Recognition Systemsand Learn About Finance.

The company will now receive a prize package worth £14,000, including a £10,000 cash prize and £4,000 worth of legal, business, accounting or design consultancy, as well as publicity for their idea.

The 16th Merseyside Innovation Awards took place this lunchtime at the Crowne Plaza in Liverpool. The awards were open to individuals or companies with fewer than 50 employees and were set up to recognise and reward the use of innovation to boost growth and profitability.

An esteemed panel of judges – including Ian Meadows, the chairman of RS Clare; Evolution’s Jed Ashforth; and former Merseyside Innovation Awards winner Jobey Marlowe, who has taken a number of businesses from start-up to exit – had the task of whittling down entries to the final four.

The panel, plus the audience via a touchscreen voting system, were then responsible for deciding the overall winner, with Nurock coming out on top. Meadows said: “It was a very difficult decision, but we ultimately made the award to Nurock because of the impact this will have on their business.”

The Merseyside Innovation Awards were established in 1996 and have gone from strength to strength. It is estimated that more than 500 companies have participated to date.

Brian McCann, chairman of the sponsor panel and founder of Vanguard Corporate Finance, said: “The awards have shown what a fertile breeding ground we have for new business ideas.”

Previous winners have included manufacturing company Kleen and Green, soil inversion technology business Landlife Group and heating elements manufacturer2D Heat.

The awards this year were sponsored by Amatica, BBC Radio Merseyside, Brabners Chaffe Street, C-Tech Innovation, Insider, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, Liverpool Science Park, Paver Smith, Natwest, The University of Liverpool Business Gateway, WP Thompson and Vanguard.

2011 Mar 01 | Nurock: Analysis of Carbon Impact for Volumetric Concrete Operations

Environment study1

Environment study2

Environment study3

Environment study4

Environment study5

Environment study6

2010 Nov 25 | How it works

Concrete Mixers

2010 Sep 25 | Tough volumetric mixer sent to Siberia

Tough volumetric mixer

2010 Jul 25 | Nottingham and Derby Concrete Company pick Nurock

best mix

Nottingham and Derby Concrete Company “BEST MIX” pick a “NUROCK NUVM9m3 Mixer”.

BEST MIX CONCRETE and SCREED are a family run business based in Nottingham and Derby and have successfully built a volumetric concrete business using the NUROCK NUVM9m3 mixer mounted to a RENAULT KERAX truck.

BESTMIX have worked hard to build the business putting customer service at the forefront of what they do.

Opting for the Nurock Advanced Mixer Computer option that monitors all ingredients and holds up to 50 mix designs has allowed BESTMIX to build customer confidence in the service and product and this has helped the business to grow.

2010 Jul 25 | Cheshire company DUTTON AGGREGATES adds a NUROCK NUVM9m3 to its fleet


Cheshire company Dutton Aggregates have added concrete supply to their existing business with the addition of a NUROCK NUVM9m3 mixer.

The Aggregates division was launched by sister company Dutton Contractors Ltd to provide a consistent and cost effective material supply to their own business and offer similar benefits to private customers, small builders and landscapers.

2010 Apr | Nurock cements big 12-years defence contract

Defence contract

2010 Jan | Welsh company JD Civils Ltd invest in a NUROCK NUVM1.5 Compact Mixer for in-house Concrete and Screed production

JD civil

Jim Davies Civil Engineering was formed as a limited company in 1976 and has since expanded into what is now a vastly experienced workforce with expertise in Civil Engineering, Mining, subsidence and Plant Hire.

Their demand for internal concrete and screed has grown and supply issues caused the company to look for an alternative solution.

The purchase of the NUROCK mixer has allowed the company to produce concrete and screed as and when required and thus has increased the overall productivity of the Civil Engineering business and cut material costs.

“The insourcing of concrete supply will reduce overall Co2 emissions, decrease operative downtime, increase levels of service and reduce concrete supply costs, we are working closely with Nurock to deliver these benefits across our business” advised Dean Davies, Director of JD Civils Ltd.

2009 May 25 | Stop the chain reaction of wear

stop the chain reaction of wear

2009 Apr 20 | Nurock delivers a 'Baby mixer' that's big on performance

baby mixer

Nurock Mixers, Britain’s only specialist volumetric concrete mixer manufacturer, has announced that its highly innovative NUVM 1.5 compact volumetric machine, having been showcased at the Intermat construction show in Paris the 20 – 25 April 2009, will be available from March 2010 in the UK and worldwide through selected dealers.

A pre-production prototype attracted huge interest when it was exclusively revealed in April 2009 at Intermat, one of the world’s biggest international construction equipment exhibitions, held in Paris, France, every three years.

The NUVM 1.5 effortlessly mixes 1m³ of concrete in under three minutes using a unique combination of hoppers and hydraulic system. It can also produce screed, mortar or process recycled aggregates with a constant production rate at any cement content.

“Most competitive mixers of this size and capacity are just scaled-down derivations of larger machines,” says Graham Jones, Managing Director of Merseyside-based Nurock. “This purpose-designed machine uniquely incorporates all the compartments for sand, stone and cement in one main hopper, rather than the customary two, and stores water underneath the hopper, helping to reduce its overall footprint by around 25 per cent.

“Not only does this modular construction reduce initial product cost, its easy removability – the hopper can be quickly replaced or removed – further simplifies maintenance and access.”

By replacing the chains, sprockets and other mechanical components that usually make up the mixing technology with a hydraulic arrangement, a much quicker production rate is possible with less maintenance and servicing.

“Fewer working parts with less complexity ultimately means less downtime and lower servicing costs,” adds Jones. “Lower maintenance cycles and ease of use were purposely built in at the design stage to help us target various new markets including the hire industry as well as traditional concrete supply companies and owner/operators.

“Being innovative and flexible is working for us, and as a result we are getting more business even in this difficult economic climate. We are always looking to help our customers be more successful, and this new machine will enable a volumetric mixer to get into sites and applications where a traditional machine is too large, reducing costs for those looking to start up a new business or bolting onto existing operations.

“It’s a value proposition and delivers all the benefits in one compact package, offering improved utilisation along with an excellent return on investment,” he concludes.


Technical Details

The patented NUVM 1.5’s hydraulic system provides both productivity and efficiency benefits. Output is always at a constant speed, no matter what cement content or strength of concrete is required, meaning that the bottlenecks created when using mechanical versions are now a thing of the past.

Forming part of a robust and accurate system, an optional onboard computer holds up to 50 preset mix designs and, with additional memory, is able to store the user’s individual ‘recipes’. Once the mixer has delivered accordingly, it records the ingredients used, producing a printout for accountability purposes.

Highly flexible, the NUVM 1.5 is available in three different versions. It is ideal as a static unit for smaller, precast applications, perfect as a trailer-mounted model that can be towed to remote locations or building sites and reloaded, and invaluable when mounted on a 7.5t truck for use in urban areas where access is a problem for larger mixers, or the delivery of small loads is required.

Just like bigger volumetric concrete mixers, this compact model is effectively a mobile batching plant. It carries all the unmixed ingredients in separate compartments before mixing the exact required quantity on site, thereby providing cost and environmental benefits through the reduction of waste. The mix design can be changed on site for any requirement, including pigmented, admixtures, fibre-enhanced and foamed concrete.

Because the concrete is mixed fresh every time, volumetric mixers are particularly suitable for applications requiring specialist and recycled concretes, where there is intermittent demand, or in urban areas where congestion issues may lead to a reduction in the quality of premixed concrete. Because hydration or segmentation does not occur during transit, they are also ideal for use in remote locations and hot climates.


About Nurock Ltd

Based in Knowsley, Merseyside, Nurock Ltd is the UK’s only specialist volumetric concrete mixer manufacturer. The company’s founders have been involved in the design, manufacture and operation of batch on-site concrete mixers since 1987, when they broke away from the antiquated technique of reducing aggregate flow to produce a stronger mix.

The resulting patented system, which uses hydraulics to increase the cement content so that all ingredients run at their optimum speed, has to date been most evident on its 7m³ and 9m³ capacity truck-mounted mixers.

Having previously won a Smart Award towards the funding of the development of this hydraulic system, Nurock also won a DTI GRAND (Grants for Research and Development) award for the NUVM 1.5’s unique hopper concept in 2008.

All the company’s machines are fitted with state-of-the-art CESAR (Construction Equipment Security and Registration Scheme) and Datatag technology to greatly aid recovery in the event of theft.

2008 Aug 25 | Nurock Mixers NUVM9 Western Isles Scotland


Nurock Mixers have supplied an NUVM9 volumetric mixer to a quarry owner on the Isle of South Uist, the company use the mixer for the production of concrete blocks in conjunction with a Finley 44 automatic block making machine. They can produce up to 4000 block per hour. The company opted for a truck mounted mixer as they also intend to use the NUVM9 to support their existing traditional ready mix operation. The NUVM9 has helped meet a growing demand in the region for concrete, our mixer has provided pours of 90m3 per day which was placed successfully by concrete pump. Stephen MacAulay said “ We are delighted with the Nurock mixer and the company’s after sales service, being in a very remote location has not proved a problem for service,training and parts. The mixer produces excellent concrete and is easy to operate. We successfully carried out 181.4m³ Concrete pour for the base of the proposed Enercon E44 Commercial Wind Turbine with a hub height of 55m and a rotor diameter of 44m.The being site situated at Liniclate, Isle of Benbecula. The Nurock Volumetric Concrete Mixer provided a steady supply of concrete to a truck mounted pump operated and owned by Mr John MacKenzie of Glasgow.

The pour was completed over two days with 90m³ per day placed successfully.”

Stephen MacAulay. MacAulay Askernish Ltd.


2008 Jul 25 | Volumetric mixers, not so niche...

Not so niche

2008 Jun 01| Nurock success at SED 2008

NUROCK Mixers exhibited this year at SED, the show proved a great success, selling a mixer within the first two hours from the stand. With over 100 visitors coming to see us over the following days, our new model mixers were very well received.

Nurock success at SED 2008

2008 Jan 01 | Royan Anthony former Rolls-Royce Director joins Nurock

Royan is a product of the Ford Motor Company’s student apprenticeship scheme. He studied Mechanical and Production Engineering prior to taking on roles within Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Production Management.

Whilst at Ford, Royan gained extensive operational experience at managerial level covering a wide variety of motor industry disciplines including Transmission and Chassis, Foundry, Radiator and Engine manufacture.

He joined Toyota Manufacturing UK Ltd in October 1990 as General Manager of the Deeside Engine Plant playing a vital role in the establishment of this new Green Field venture. He was promoted to the Board of Toyota Manufacturing UK Ltd in 1996.

Royan joined Rolls-Royce in November 2000 as Managing Director of Compressor Systems, leading his team successfully, commissioning of a brand new £85m volume aerofoil factory at Inchinnan, Scotland. He also led the recently formed Rotatives Business Unit.

Royan has joined Nurock as non executive director.

Managing Director Graham Jones said “Royan’s appointment is a great boost, his vast experience and enthusiasm for Nurock will really help us drive the business forward.”

2008 Jan 01 | Concrete mixer manufacturer Nurock latest to fit CESAR as standard



With immediate effect, CEASR Identification Technology is now fitted to the entire range of on-site concrete mixers, manufactured by Merseyside-based NU Rock. The company has been designing, manufacturing and operating batch on-site concrete mixers since 1987 and are the acknowledged leaders in the specialist area, of volumetric mixers. With an outstanding reputation for service and support, the decision to adopt CESAR is a further extension of NU Rock’s customer focussed approach.

CESAR, the ACPO and Home Office supported Identification Technology scheme combats equipment theft, estimated in the Construction sector alone to be running at a massive annual total of £300-500m per annum. NU Rock is the first company within its specialised sector to sign up to the CESAR scheme

Said Graham Jones Managing Director of NU Rock “As one of the only UK Volumetric Concrete mixer manufacturers we are pleased to be involved with the CEA and Datatag, our involvement has been a reaction to the growth in theft of volumetric concrete mixers, we feel that it is our duty as a company to act responsibly and lead the way, being the first company to adopt the scheme within the concrete mixer industry. The market for volumetric mixers is currently experiencing rapid growth and therefore the issue of plant theft will only become more significant.”

Chris Harrison, National Sales Manager Datatag Ltd commented, “CESAR are really pleased to have NU Rock Volumetric Mixers on board. The first system has already been installed on a truck-mounted variant. With NU Rock completing standard fitment to all their volumetric mixers including static, skid, trailer or truck mounted, this will provide their customers with peace of mind and some important insurance benefits such as discount of premium and reduced excess.”

CESAR – The Construction Equipment Security and Registration Scheme – was originally proposed by the Plant Theft Action Group (PTAG) and has the official support of the Home Office and ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers). The CEA (Construction Equipment Association), the scheme’s promoter, is the leading trade association representing equipment and machinery manufacturers and associated UK industries. The CESAR scheme operator is Datatag, the European market leader in Security Identity Systems within the Construction and Plant sectors and the Leisure and Recreational sectors.

CESAR Identification Technology is designed for application to any item of Construction equipment and this is carried out by NU Rock in the manufacturing process. Each item has its own tamperproof ID plates, for ease of recognition by the Police and the operating sector. This ensures that every item of equipment has its own DNA that is registered on the Datatag secure accredited 24/7 database, with appropriate vehicles also registered with the DVLA.

Commented Datatag Director Kevin Howells, “NU Rock’s decision to fit CESAR as standard to all its equipment, adds another major construction equipment manufacturer to the scheme. Nationally, the growing problem of plant and equipment theft Is becoming increasingly recognised, With the number of CESAR installations rising daily and an increasing number of plant manufacturers, hirers, fitters, police forces and other authorities embracing the scheme, the number’s up for equipment theft.”

2007 Dec 12 | Investment Fund Package Mixes Recipe of Success for Nurock

investment font

A company which has developed an innovative hydraulic concrete mixing system is expanding with a funding package from MSIF.

Nurock Limited, based in Merseyside, have developed a process which controls the volume of each different ingredient used to make concrete.

At the push of a button the amount of the various ingredients can be changed allowing different types of concrete to be produced. The patented, computer-controlled system is quicker and more energy efficient than any existing machinery and produces a high quality product.

The business was set up by directors Graham Jones and his father, Anthony Jones in 2001.

Liverpool Seed Fund investment manager, Mike Bakewell said: “Nurock is an excellent example of how businesses can innovate to develop their existing processes and create a whole new market for themselves.”

Small Firms Fund investment manager, Alan Birkett said: “Graham has been developing his idea for quite some time and his determination and drive are admirable. We believe the business will do very well and we are pleased to be supporting Nurock.”

Lorna Green of Liverpool Ventures said: “We are confident that there is a good market for Nurock’s machines and we will continue to work closely with the company”

Photo shows L-R – Graham Jones (Nurock) Alan Birkett and Mike Bakewell (MSIF) Anthony Jones and Royan Anthony (Nurock) Lorna Green (Liverpool Ventures)

2005 Jan 01 | Merseyside Innovation Awards Finalists

Nurock Mixers were finalists in the 2005 Merseyside Innovation Awards. The finalists had to present to a 100 business leaders who along with a judging panel decided upon the winner.

2004 Jul 04 | Mix Master Nurock

2004 Apr 04 | Mixing the recipe for success

Mixing the recipe for success

2003 Apr 04 | Nurock play smart

Nurock DailyExpress

2003 Mar 03 | Nurock, finalists in the Liverpool Echo Kickstart competition 2003


2003 Jan 01 | LiveWire Young Entrepreneur 2003


Nurock Mixers were finalists in the Merseyside region of the 2003 Shell LiveWire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.