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How Nurock Mixers Work

A Nurock volumetric mixer allows you to produce the right quantity of concrete you need, directly on site, ensuring fresh concrete on demand and totally eliminating waste with a simple one switch operation.

It allows the transport of all materials of concrete separately: aggregate, sand, water and cement, and also additives such as retarder, plasticisers colour and fibre. The mixing screw is the only area that mixed concrete comes into contact with and makes cleaning an easy job.

On site, you just have to turn the mixer on when you need concrete, and turn it off when you have enough. With it you can deliver exactly the quantity requested, no more and no less, at any mix design, allowing the production of different types of concrete from the same load.

Nurock Mixers Volumetric Mixer concrete mixers


Variable Cement

Nurock Mixers CementKG.m3Why is a variable cement system useful?

Other manufacturers of volumetric mixers work on the principle that their cement delivery remains fixed and they lower the sand and stone gates creating a “bottleneck” to produce a mix with a higher cement content, thus for higher strength concrete this slows the production down. Furthermore they achieve this with a combination of chains, clutches, sprockets and shear pins all of which can be problematic and lead to downtime.

The Nurock system use a combination of hydraulic design and computer display to allow the cement to be variable so there is no “bottleneck” in the process, all materials enter the mixing screw at the optimum speed. Importantly the Kg of Cement per m3 is displayed on the Nurock computer so the operator has a live display of the cement content and the water/cement ratio. This is particularly useful for very high strength mixes i.e rapid set cements as there is no loss in production rate and low strength mixes where the competitors geared offering may struggle to produce a low enough cement content i.e foamed concrete or mass fill applications. The Nurock system can deliver from 50-500kg of cement per m3.

A secondary issue is that as competitors sand and aggregate gates are so high for low strength mixes their units cannot produce enough water to create a high slump due to the increased aggregate setting and water demand. Furthermore as our sand and aggregate gates remain almost the same for all mixes the water settings don’t alter from pour to pour, thus achieving the correct slump straight away is easier. Mix design change is fast and the variable cement system is simple and accurate.

Special Projects and bespoke features

Nurock Mixers special designDo you have a special project or need bespoke features on your mixer?

As we are independent, and manage everything from the design to after sales support, we are in a unique position to deliver your project quickly and efficiently.

We have delivered solutions to the British Army and Balfour Beatty Rail to solve their unique concrete problems with Nurock mixers and provided support. We also regularly provide bespoke fittings to customers’ mixers and provide this service so you have a mixer that truly suits your needs.

Compact Mixers

Nurock Mixers compact volumetric mixerWhat is a compact mixer?

Here at Nurock we have developed a compact volumetric mixer design with the cement hopper between the sand and stone hoppers.

This has allowed us to obtain a reduced size and footprint, improve weight distribution over the axles and lower the centre of gravity, giving you the best capacity and access available.

The compact mixer range are available in 1.5m³ and 4m³ capacities which can both be mounted on a 2-axle truck.

Mounting Options

As manufacturers we can mount your mixer to suit you.

Our mixers have been mounted in the following ways:
– Truck mounted
– Trailer mounted
– De-mountable
– Static
– Hook lift
– Skid
– ISO base mount

What's The difference?

  • Cubic³ - 1 Series

  • 15-20m³ per hour

  • 0.9m³ of sand

  • 1.1m³ of aggregate

  • 1m³ of cement

  • 250l of water

  • 2500 x 1800 x 4000

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  • Cubic³ - 4 Series

  • 20-25m³ per hour

  • 3.05m³ of sand

  • 3.70m³ of aggregate

  • 1.25m³ of cement

  • 1000l of water

  • 3200 x 2400 x 6300

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  • Cubic³ - 7 Series

  • 45-60m³ per hour

  • 4.32m³ of sand

  • 5.28m³ of aggregate

  • 2m³ of cement

  • 1600l of water

  • 3200 x 2400 x 7500

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  • Cubic³ - 9 Series

  • 45-60m³ per hour

  • 5.18m³ of sand

  • 6.32m³ of aggregate

  • 2.5m³ of cement

  • 1950l of water

  • 3200 x 2400 x 7500

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Options Range



imgThe printer prints out a receipt of total volume of concrete delivered, and the individual material weights and other mix data for accountability.

Advanced computer

imgChoose up to 50 different mix designs and save all calibration information from a 5.7″ touchscreen.

Wireless remote

imgA simple solution to control your concrete production from where you want and at a distance from your mixer of up to 10m.


Foam generator

foam-generator-Nurock-mixersIf you need to produce foam concrete, also called cellular concrete, this generator will allow you to insert foam into the concrete you produce on site.

Fibre dispenser

imgThis fiber dispenser allows you to produce fiber-reinforced concrete for higher specification concrete. It injects fibers directly into the mix you have selected.

Admixture system

imgAdmixtures enable higher concrete quality and durability. The admixture is stored in two tanks and injected into the concrete during production.


Auxiliary engine

imgA large range of industrial engines are available as silent and non-silent pack.


automatic-tarpaulin-NurockA tarpaulin protects the mixer and aggregates during transport. Available as an automatic system for our 7 & 9 Series, and as manual for the 1 & 4 Series.

Mudguard and road kit

mudguard-roadkit-NurockProtect your investment with this mudguard and road kit available in plastic, steel and aluminium.

Motorway kit

motorway-kit-NurockThis kit is essential for motorway work.


Oversized water tank

oversized-watertank-NurockWe can mount an oversized water tank to your mixer to increase your water supply on the job.

Oversized aggregate hoppers

greedy-boards-NurockAdding greedy boards to the hoppers can increase the capacity of our mixers to more than 10m³.